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Why I Support Kim’s Home For Elderly/Abused Dogs

Why I support Kim's Home For Elderly/Abused DogsAs I have mentioned on my About Page, I’ve always been a dog lover and in particular sighthound lover. Lurchers and Greyhounds in particular are extremely overbred and mistreated in the UK which is why there is a need for so many breed specific rescues.

I first met Wendy from Kim’s Home Dog Rescue in 2000 on a Yahoo Lurcher Group (Yahoo Groups! Remember those?!). She had 8 dogs then, all rescue, mainly Salukis. We hit it off straight away and her Salukis were instrumental in road testing my Sighthound Specific Dog Coats that I designed a couple of years later.

EdieFast forward a few years and Wendy was running her own dog rescue ‘Kim’s Home for Elderly/Abused Dogs’ and in 2008 when I had decided I would like another little lurcher, Wendy had just the dog i was looking for. Edie, a Whippet x Saluki, came to live with me in April 2008 and has been a dream dog from the get-go. She inspired me to write a book to raise money for Kim’s Home which then led onto me organising the bi-annual fundraisers which started in 2015.

To read more about the great work done by Kim’s Home, please visit their website.

And ‘like’ their Facebook page to keep up to date with their news.