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Social Media Pain Point Solutions – Part 2

Social Media Pain PointsSo I gave you some hints on how to brighten up your social media by using Canva, but where are you going to find the time to post it all?  So many channels, so little time! Social Media is a great way of marketing your Business but it can be so time consuming.

There are some very good social media management platforms that can help you with this by scheduling everything for you. Meaning you can keep your channels active whilst you are busy elsewhere.

The five names that usually come up when talking about management platforms with other VAs are Hootsuite, Buffer, SmarterQueue, Planable and Meet Edgar.  There are plenty of others out there to choose from too.

Hootsuite Social Media Management Platform

I use Hootsuite for my clients. I find it easy and quick to upload content and I love the dashboard.  You can look at each social media channel with options to look at your feed, what you’ve got scheduled, what your interaction has been and you can also comment, like and share from there.

So once you’ve got a few articles, graphics, adverts or whatever it is you like to share on social media, you only need to spend the time it takes to upload and schedule to Hootsuite and it takes care of everything else.  You can pick and choose when to schedule each item and decide whether you want it on all or just some of your channels.  It even has a Chrome plugin called Tailwind that will upload to Pinterest for you (which is not considered to be a Social Media platform as such).  Easy peasy!

If you feel you are lacking somewhat in the social media marketing area of your business, why not take me up on my FREE 30 minute telephone consultation.  I could help you spruce up your branding and take your social media channels to the next level!  Email me to book an appointment.


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