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Shall We Zoom?

Shall we Zoom?

One of the reasons that certain people find hiring a VA so beneficial is that they consider themselves to be technophobes. Not only are they disinterested in technology, they find it all too overwhelming and complicated to use.

Since so many people are working remotely these days, it can be vital to have a reliable communication tool so that you can jump in and out of video calls with anyone you need to.  Skype and Google Hangouts were quite popular a couple of years back, but could be unreliable if your internet connection was having an off-day.  Who remembers staring at someone on screen wondering if they had just paused, deep in thought, or whether their screen had frozen again. Argh!

Then came Zoom

This has taken simple video communications to the next level.  A free account will give you up to 40 minutes per meeting, you can record your meeting, save it to your computer or to the cloud. You can also screen share (very handy when you’re either showing work to a client or teaching).

Upgrading to one of the paid packages means you can opt in for branded invites, unlimited meeting times, webinars, Facebook Live videos and so many other enticing features.  The customer service is also excellent!

And most importantly, it’s VERY reliable!   No more frozen screens, listening to that wobbly Skype call echoing into the void.  I’ve been using it for a good 2-3 years now and I really can’t fault it.

The first time most of my clients hear me utter the question ‘Shall we Zoom?’, they are initially baffled and then tell me they really don’t know how to use anything like that.  After reassuring them that all they need to do is click on the link I send them, they are dubious at first, but then always delighted that it really is that easy!

And one of my real technophobe clients recently told me that at a meeting with her web designer, she asked them if they wanted to Zoom.  They stared at her blankly.  She told me that she puffed herself up and told them how EASY this was to use and was feeling quite smug that she knew something that they didn’t about modern technology!

Their website and online help are very good if you want to take a look, but if you’d like to ask me any other questions about it… shall we Zoom?…

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