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Producing your own Digital Magazine

Creating your own Digital MagazineSo I’ve already blogged about the first online magazine I created for a client in the US.  However, the second one that I produced was so much fun to create, the contributors were all a delight to work with and my client was absolutely thrilled with the results, as was I!  Within a day of publishing we already had enquiries about advertising in the next edition and even had a publishing company get in touch asking if one of their authors could write a piece for the next issue!  It’s fully interactive, so all of the links within the magazine will take you to the various contributors websites, ditto for the advertisements.

It has also been a great marketing tool, not only for my client but for everyone else involved.

If it’s something that you think could benefit your business, I really do recommend giving it a try.  The possibilities are endless!

If it’s not something you can do for yourself, then you can always have a 30 minute trial telephone call with me to see if it is something I could help you with.

And I was thrilled when, to show her appreciation, my client sent me flowers and chocolates as a thank you.  Being appreciated for something you thoroughly enjoy doing really does give you a spring in your step!


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