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Part ‘VA’/Part ‘Time Lord’

I know what you’re thinking.  Either the heat has got to me or I’m using any excuse I can think of to post a picture of a TARDIS.  There might be an element of truth in both of those statements.  But bear with me.  I can create time for you, leading me to believe that I am Part ‘VA’/Part ‘Time Lord*’.

I’m (probably) not an alien, I don’t own a TARDIS and I’ve never seen a Dalek in real life (although I’m ever hopeful that will change one day).

But I can create extra time for you!

My clients come from a variety of different backgrounds.  What they have in common is that they all need more time to build their businesses.  I give them that time!

When you run your own business it is easy to lose track of your day.  You’re running a webinar, you have a presentation to put together and  this needs to take priority.  But you also need to update your Facebook groups and update your blog.  Not to mention all the other little things you’d hoped to schedule in.  You know what the content will be for all 3 tasks but no time to implement any of them properly.

How quick and easy would it be to give the bones of your presentation to someone who can create a professional looking presentation for you while you get on with your next task?  How much quicker would it be to dictate your blog and send off the file to someone who could transcribe it and upload it to WordPress for you? And what about creating and changing your Facebook Page/Group headers, files, information etc to keep your brand looking fresh and customer’s interested in what you’re up to?  It is all so time consuming.  However, all of these tasks could be outsourced freeing up your day to concentrate on other things.

Send it all to your own personal Time Lord!

Yes, that is a Sonic Screwdriver!

This is what I do for my clients. It gives them much more time to breathe during the day.  Once they’ve passed their tasks to me, they can be confident that they will all be completed in a quick and efficient manner (and at a typing speed of 90 wpm, I really do mean ‘quick’!).  They can get on with planning their next event/blog/meeting without getting bogged down in the time consuming effort of putting it all together.

Does that sound like something I could help you with?

Why not visit my website to see what some of my happy clients have said.

Or email me at to arrange a FREE 30 minute consultation to see if I could create some much needed time for you.


* Might not be an ‘actual’ Time Lord.


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