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I like PowerPoint!

I have some very creative friends.  Artists, musicians, the sort of people that can turn their hand to almost anything artistic (despite being told repeatedly by me that no-one likes a show off).

JakeWell OK, that comment is the green-eyed monster talking, I can’t even master the art of the most basic of drawing skills, and here is an example.  I have labelled it so that you are not confused as to which is the photo of my dog Jake, and which is my attempt at drawing him.

I know what you’re thinking.  Did a 47 year old woman really turn out something so tragically bad?  Well no!  The joke’s on you because I actually drew that when I was about 33. Yes years. And yes I realise that still makes it a pretty poor effort.

But do you know what I am good at and what I really enjoy?  PowerPoint!  Because it lets me be creative without having to worry about having the artistic ability of a partially sighted, elderly squirrel.  I can visualise what I want to see on the slide and PowerPoint gives me the ability to create it.  And for just a little while I can pretend to be an artist too…

So if you ask me to create a PowerPoint presentation you are actually giving my inner artist a way to channel herself without the humiliation of presenting something a bit like you see above (although I did have that drawing made into fridge magnets and sent them to a couple of friends – they were thrilled).

Want to chat about what I could do for you?  Please contact me for a free 30 minute consultation.

PowerPoint, Virtual Assistant

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