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From PA to VA – How I became a Virtual Assistant (by accident) Part 2

From PA to VA - How I became a Virtual Assistant (by accident) - Part 2Once my health started to recover I needed to think about getting back to work.  My work for Michael made me wonder about finding other clients who needed administration support.  At that time I hadn’t actually heard the term ‘Virtual Assistant’ but after extensive googling I realised that this was not only a ‘a thing’ but also a thriving new industry.

But where to start?

After some online research and some advice from another Virtual Assistant that I know I decided that it might be best for me to start as a VA Associate.  There was a local company who were hiring VAs, so I tentatively sent them my CV and was delighted to get an immediate response with the offer of an interview.

This all went very well and I signed up with them.  And it’s a good job that I did.  The computer work I had done for Michael was all audio typing into Word documents.  That was it.  It had not dawned on me how the rest of the world had moved on since I’d actually worked in an office (back in 1998).  WordPress?  Constant Contact?  MailChimp?  Erm…

But I struck gold signing up with Vee Smith at My Super VA (and now as part of her associate team at The Biz Tech Wiz).  Initially I could work with Office but the other packages were alien to me and I wasn’t sure how easily I’d pick them up.

I needn’t have worried. Vee gave me some excellent 1-2-1 coaching and gave me the confidence to really move forward with my skill set.  So much so that when I decided to branch out on my own, I took her online WordPress course and built my very own website (for more details about this please see my Links page).

And here I am, a fully fledged Virtual Assistant!

Want to know more about what I can do for you?  Please visit my Services Page.



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