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Attracting Your Ideal Client

Atttracting Your Ideal ClientNetworking has never been easier with social media as such an accepted norm these days.  There are still plenty of networking meetings that take place globally but what if your ideal clients are not always local to you?  You can connect easily enough on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, but how do you really attract their attention?

Whether you have your own website or not, there is a solution that can be very effective.   Imagine your ideal client. Imagine what freebee you could offer them?  A tempting example of what you could do for them to make their life easier.   Make up some eye-catching, professional looking content and offer it to them for free.  Because everyone loves a freebee!  But how and where to offer this?

If you have a website then you can offer it there, by setting up an autoresponder campaign.

No website? No problem.  You can set up a landing page with your free content available to download from there.  Just copy the landing page link and add it to your social media pages, your business cards/flyers – wherever you want!

Both options are simple and quick to install and can be the gateway to opening up dialogue with your potential new prospects.

Your business could be just one click away from your ideal client!

Not sure where to start with any of this?  Why not take me up on my free 30 minute telephone consultation, I can help point you in the right direction.


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