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About Me

From VA to Digital Content and Website Design

I’ve been working as a Virtual Assistant since 2001. I had a diverse background in various administrative roles prior to this, including secretary, PA, Bid Development Specialist and Office Manager. In 1999, I decided to venture down a different path by starting my own Dog Walking/Boarding business. At the same time I designed a sighthound specific dog coat which were manufactured and then sold on a website I launched selling Sighthound Accessories. In 2001, I also began working part-time as a VA for a semi-retired lawyer while managing my other ventures.

Due to health issues, I had to give up my dog walking business and after a period of recuperation I transitioned into becoming a full-time Virtual Assistant in 2014. I initially worked as an associate for my mentor, Vee Tanner, at My Super VA. In 2017, Vee offered me the opportunity to take over at My Super VA, and I embraced the challenge, continuing to provide virtual assistance services independently.

In recent years, I’ve developed a keen interest in digital design work and website design, further expanding my skill set in addition to my VA services.

Outside of work I enjoy walking my dogs, reading, writing and supporting sighthound rescues, mainly Galway SPCA, Forever Hounds and Kim’s Home.

I’ve had rescue lurchers in my life since 1976. Since then they have held a special place in my heart, and remain my biggest passion to this day. All over the UK and Ireland, lurchers of all shapes, sizes, and ages are in need of loving homes. If you’re interested in finding out more about lurchers as pets, I created this guide for Galway SPCA (where I adopted Frank and Betty).

The My Super VA team comprises of:

Caroline Mathews

Business Owner

Digital Product and Content Designer ¦ Website Designer ¦ Virtual Assistant

I do pretty much everything myself because my Junior Office Assistants have a dubious work ethic. 

Frank and Betty

Junior Office Assistants 


Don’t take their jobs seriously.

Spend most of the work day snoozing on the sofa.

Only in employment because they are adorable. So that’s on me.

At the Park

On the beach


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