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Creating Digital Products and Content for Life Coaches, Course Creators & Entrepreneurs

Providing reliable and efficient support for small business owners since 2001.

Working with My Super VA

Are you a business owner who finds admin tasks drain most of your time and energy?

Do you want professional looking content for your business but have no idea where to start?

Are you in need of a new website but struggling with design, copy and sourcing images?

Are you tech phobic and unsure how to streamline and automate your business?

Do you find social media exhausting but ultimately necessary to attract clients?

Good news! You’ve come to the right place!

Digital Product and Content Design

Are you feeling significantly underwhelmed with how you are presenting your brand to the world, be it via social media, course content, promo graphics, presentations, landing pages – any or all of it! Are you ready for a complete reset and refresh? If you’re not a ‘tech’ person or find the process of creating visually appealing graphics time consuming and frustrating, then why not delegate the task to me. I can create custom design solutions that will elevate your brand and help you attract potential clients.

Website Design

If you’re starting out in business and want a professional looking website or need a new website for an existing business, I can help. I appreciate that trying to keep costs down when starting a new business is often an important factor which is why I design WordPress websites for all budgets, starting from as little as £495. If you’re struggling with design ideas, copy and/or sourcing images I can help with that too!

Virtual Assistant Support

If you’re looking for a reliable, well established Virtual Assistant to help with the day to day running of your business I’ve been supporting small businesses since 2001 with their admin requirements. Services I provide include Social Media Management, Email Marketing and Online Course Management. Additionally, I can help optimize your day to day business processes (eg bookings, calendar management) and automate systems to help you manage your time more effectively, freeing you from mundane administrative tasks.

Real Coaching Co and Pure Coaching Academy
“Since using Caroline my business has taken a massive upswing. She has streamlined my processes, upped my profile and looked into every nook and cranny of my business and upgraded it and made it super relevant”.
Stella With Love
Caroline manages my social media, creates and schedules posts, and I really appreciate her great skills in keeping the branding consistent, and creating fabulous post design. I have had great client feedback concerning my posts since I started with Caroline.
The Man Whisperer
I’ve found Caroline to be resourceful, empathetic and caring – she’s really got my back, enabling me to safely do what I love and earn more money without it costing my life!
Kiwi Group Inc
I needed a website refresh but that also meant more time writing copy and figuring out how to market myself. Caroline worked closely with my website designer and was able to update all of my content. She was instrumental in launching our new website and brand.”
Inquisitive Coaching
I can’t recommend Caroline enough! I have worked with her for well over a year now and she is a fantastic VA. Her knowledge of all things tech and her creative skills come together as an amazing combination and I feel safe in her hands as I know she will always get things done quickly and to a fantastic professional standard.”
I am Julie Brown
Caroline is truly amazing. Efficient, good communicator, knowledgeable and creative with a good eye for detail. There is nothing I’ve asked her to do that she’s struggled with, and I hope to have her as my VA for many years to come. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
Spiritual Coach
Caroline went above and beyond, my logo, my Wix website everything was designed by her, she even helped me with the smaller details such as my branding colours. She has an eye for detail and vast expertise. Her creativity and passion shone.”
My Dry Bed and Stop Bedwetting in 7 Days
“Caroline is indeed a SuperVA – she always responds to my many random requests so promptly, calmly and efficiently.  Not only is she tech-savvy but she’s creative too, putting together some great images for my newsletters, website and social media.  She knows how to make things look professional and polished.”

UnGlue You
“More recently, Caroline’s been helping me with the design side of things. For example creating the visuals for some of my social media posts. Because her approach is highly collaborative I’ve really enjoyed the process. I always get excited to see her ideas and then work together as the creative designs emerge. It’s truly a pleasure working with Caroline and I’m grateful for her thoughtfulness and patience as well as her breadth of skills.”
Life Victory Coach
“I can’t imagine getting my coaching business off the ground without Caroline. She is efficient, timely, organised and is supportive and willing to share her experience. I was amazed that she can help you with anything you need for your business, her skill set has no limits”.

    Free Life Coach Business Set Up Guide and Checklist

    If you’re setting up your own life coaching business and are feeling overwhelmed by all the admin tasks, there’s help available. You can download my free Life Coach Business Set-up Guide and Checklist to ensure that you’ve got everything covered.

    Additionally, the guide includes tips on cost-effective, easy-to-use apps and software solutions that can streamline your business processes.

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